Back to basics

Hey. So…it’s been a while, huh? Yeah. Time has not been wasted though. Life has been super busy, and personal development has taken place. More to come on all that later, promise.

I recently saw this video clip, and as much as I’d like to say about it, I think that it speaks for itself. Have a blessed week.≷=US


Stirring the Waters

Hey Y’all,

Since my last post, many interesting things have taken place. And, I’m glad to say that they are all good. Now, mind you, some will scoff and say “Yeah, right…..” But, it’s all a matter of perspective. Is our view “horizontal”, or is it “vertical”? Are you a “half full”, or a “half empty” kinda person? I’m the first, and I’m looking “up”.

So, the title of this post is “Stirring the Waters”. Some may not be able to relate, some may. It’s a reference to a passage of scripture in the Bible. You can find it in John 5:2. In this passage, we learn about how those in need would tarry and wait for the time when the angel of the Lord would come and trouble the waters (stir-up). What’s even more cool is that the first one into those waters received their healing.  Now, the important thing is that which we read in John 5:3. These people knew that this was gonna happen, and they believed it! They knew that God would send help, He would meet their need, and they would become new. It was as if it were a hunger, from deep within their soul that drove them to tarry and stay there. IN fact, we can see in John 5:5, that one guy was so determined that he waited thirty eight years! Now, most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, give up on a red light after more than a minute.

Some of you may be wondering where I’m going with this. So, let’s go. For those of us who call ourselves “Christians”, yet never take the time to help someone into the pool; where are we spiritually? Now, I’m not pointing any fingers except at myself. I need to change. I can’t speak for anyone else. My perspective has changed. Oh yeah, I’ve invited people to church, I’ve taught one or two bible studies. However, God is doing something new, for me anyways. My eyes are beginning to look up, if you will. (I can just see some thinking now……) I’m talking about real love for my fellow man. The one in need, on the inside. Seriously; we are all hurt, lame, blind, withered or maimed in our souls from time to time. Ask yourself this, “Who has helped me when I was hurt? Who has fed me when I was hungry?” I’m talking about someone other than Jesus here, folks.

Currently, here in Hollister we are blessed to have Bro. Dunahoe with us. He is helping teach a “Bible Study” seminar. Wednesday was our first class. It was awesome! It left me hungry for more. Why? Because, I want to help someone into the pool. Now, yes I have taught the occasional bible study here and there. But never with a desire to help with the right motive. Selflessness. I was blessed to be a part of Soul Winner’s Boot Camp here in Hollister back in October ’08. What an awesome experience. I have never seen so many baptised in Jesus name before. Let alone in one weekend. Same can be said for the Holy Ghost part of that equation. Sadly, we can’t live on past victories. So, I welcome this new endeavor with a hungry heart.

God is doing something BIG here in Hollister. He’s stirring the waters. And, the people are waiting for someone to help them in. To love them. Disciple them. In John 5:10-13, we see that after he was healed, the man was immediately pointed at and persecuted. Yet, in John 5:14, Jesus found him in the temple. Even this man knew where to go next. What’s more, Jesus knew he’d be there. I’d like to think that love compelled him to go there. After all, rumor had it that was where you could find Jesus from time to time, right?

Well, I’m excited to be a part of what He is doing here in Hollister. I’ve included a video I made from pictures taken during SWB Hollister ’08. In it, you’ll see that He brings them, we help them into the pool, then we continue to help them. I know, that if 70+ were baptised in one weekend in 2008, right here in Hollister, according to the law of the harvest what can He do in 2009? Let’s help them into the pool!

My Big Brother


Hey Y’all,

Something interesting happened to me today. I found my older brother. Now, some of you may be wondering why this would be “interesting”. Many of us have our siblings here all the time. Oftentimes, too much. (for those who don’t get along…) Me? I haven’t seen mine since I was 10 yrs. old. Yeah, I KNOW!!!

Well, this is so exciting! His name is Jeff. (Oh, he’s older than me…) He and I were thick as thieves growing up. If he had an idea, I was the lab rat. If I had an idea, I was the lab rat. Man, the memories! Now, all of us growing up know that there are good and bad times. But, as I grow older, I’ve begun to realize that it takes far less emotional energy remembering the good times. And let me tell you what, we had some good times. I’ll post some of those at a later date. However, here is a small sample:

Go back with me…the place…Arbon Valley, ID….winter….dark……two young hoodlums…..a snowmobile. Okay, here yet? Alright. We were at our grandparents house all day goofing off. The day had drawn on into night and it was getting close to time for heading home. Our step-dad Frank had driven his snowmobile over from our house several miles away earlier in the day. We had come over in the car with mom.(I think….) Frank asked us to drive his snowmobile back home and he’d bring the car. Our response was that of any adventurous kid. “Sure.” We said in complete poker faced control. (Inside, I was more excited than someone who’d just stuck their finger in a light socket……) Frank told us to take it easy and go slow, cut across the fields, and to go s-s-s-l-l-o-o-w-w……! We agreed with the same poker faced control.(Again, like a light socket on the inside…..hehe…) And off we went, slowly into the night.

Now, I’d be lying if I said we went slow. All I remember was flying like a bullet shot from a gun once we got out of eye-sight of Frank. I was on the back for the first half of the trip.(Or maybe the second, not sure…)We were going so fast that the wind made my eyes tear up.(The tears froze as they slid past my ears…….)Like a bullet we flew across the fresh powdery snow as it glittered in the moonlight. The headlight of the snowmobile cutting a laser beam in the darkness in front of us. Over my shoulder, out of the corner of my tear frozen eye, I caught a glimpse of car headlights moving along the far away highway behind and off to the left of us. Bounding through the snow we went. Desperately trying to hang on, I started to shout out that it was my turn to drive. The whine of the engine drowning me out. Eventually, Jeff gave up. He stopped and then it was my turn. We switched places, and off we shot into the dark night. All the while, in the back of my head, those car headlights way off in the distance, something about THOSE headlights. All I knew was I didn’t want them to beat us home.

Well, we got home safe. And not too long after, so did Frank. He asked us how fast we went. “Not too fast…” was our reply. Well, yep, you guessed it. Those were his headlights. Safe to say, we survived that night, in more ways than one. I’ll never forget that night.

So, there you have it. One of many memories with Jeff. My big brother. There are so many. So many good ones. I just wanted to let my readers know the good news. Hopefully, this will give hope at reunions for others who have grown apart due to life. Please make him feel welcome. He’s family. Love you bro.

Bachelor Recipes: Chili Nachos


Hey Y’all,

Okay, so I visited Matt’s blog over at and noticed that he had some recent posts regarding “Bachelor Recipe’s”. I was intrigued, and so I read on. It’s always nice to see a young man that stays in touch with his “survival skills” prior to marriage. Oh, I know that without a doubt, he is fed well by his wife Danelle.

After reading some of his posts regarding this topic, I felt compelled to share some of my recipe’s as well. I’d like to start off with a favorite of mine. (Probably a mainstay for many a bachelor or any male for that manner when left alone to fend for themselves….) Chili Nachos.

Now, mind you, a Zantac, Tums, Rolaids or whatever kind of fire-extinguisher you need might be a good idea prior to eating this. I will say this, it’s not pretty in the presentation, but it is tasty and the clean-up after is a snap.

What you need: A medium sized bag of Fritos Corn Chips, One can of your favorite chili (Microwave safe,pop top style can….), and a spoon.

What you do: Nuke the chili, open bag of Frito’s, dump in chili, close bag, shake it like you own it, grab your favorite beverage and dig in with the spoon. Now a man’s man will fore go the spoon and opt for the “pour in” method. I’ve been known to use both. I’ll usually opt for the later if I’m driving.

Clean up is a snap, toss the can in the bag, toss the bag in the trash. AND! If you used no spoon, you get a bonus…..NO DISHES!!!!

Ah yes, the memories of Bachelor-hood. So fond, so……scary. Sort of a conundrum if you will. Just like Matt, I too will be sharing some of my favorite recipe’s with you, so check back often. I’m sure that between the two of us, there will be far fewer famished bachelors out there.

Milestones 5000 guests!!!!


Hey Y’all,

AH you folks do me proud. Thank you for stopping by. Yep, you guessed it. Another milestone. 5000 visits!!!!! Again, I owe it all to you the reader,, and of course Jesus for the inspiration. Keep in touch, there is more to come and the creative juices are just beginning to flow….

Prayers of Faith PT.2


Hey Y’all,

Okay, as the title implies, this is part two of the previous post. A follow-up, if you will. Teresa’s mother (Dorothy Hurst), is now home from the hospital. Been home for about a week now. Of course, she is restless. She plans to attend church tomorrow. It’ll be good to see her there again, and it will no doubt help reaffirm the faith of those who prayed for her.  After church, the family will be gathering together for dinner and over-all comfortude. (Is that even a word…comfortude?)

Anyways, our family would just like to say thank you for your prayers during this time of heaviness. Without you, who knows how it might have turned out. Your prayers were heard, and answered. I know we have friends and family both far and wide (no pun intended….wide…hehehehe…), that were all praying and calling. Even now, her phone is burning up from all the chatter. She may not say it, but she really does welcome your calls, and prayers. Also, we would like to extend a huge round of gratitude to all of the ladies from The Pentecostal Church of Hollister for their help with meals, cleaning, and “comfortude”(that word again… it even legit?) I’m sure Bishop Hurst is grateful for the food, too. (May not be bologna sandwich with chips tea and cookies………but hey….)Naw, just kidding. He’s thankful, too. He was really worried there for a moment…..

Well, that’s it, for now. Please keep an eye on the Soap Box page, something’s brewin’…………

Prayers of Faith


Hey Y’all,

As some of you may have already read, or heard, Saturday was an eventful day. It started out with a phone call, at 6:20 am. From my side of the bed, all I heard was “Oh NO! Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Alright Dad, I’ll be right there!” Click. my “Better Half” Teresa had just taken a phone call from her dad (Rev. BJ Hurst), saying that her mom (Dorothy Hurst), was having a heart attack and the Paramedics were on the way. Yep, more effective than a stiff cup of coffee.

As Teresa got dressed, she was praying in a frantic fervor. I was in prayer, too. She asked me, “Scott, what am I gonna do?” In the background outside, you could hear the ambulance race past our house. Not sure if her dad called anyone else before us or not. But I know Teresa was the first one there. Her parents only live a block away. I told her to get over there for her parents, and I’d stay here with the kids, just to keep me posted. After all, aside from our relocation here to Hollister being completely in God’s will for us, THIS was the other reason for the move. So we could be here for them. I reassured her God’s got it in control, hugged her and off she went. Sobbing. She loves them so much. (As do all of us….)

When the house was quiet again. I waited, in silence for a moment, on the Lord. Then I began to pray. I know, that by this time, several others were also. (Funny thing, Pentecostal Grapevine….) I thanked God for her healing, as in Isaiah 53:5. To me, this is a promise. Before I ever ask for healing, I thank Him for His promise. It’s a faith builder for me. After a whole lot more praying, I finally had to concede as in Matthew 6:10. I have tried to pray God’s will to fit my wants in life in times past, and every time, it never was what “I” wanted. Now, this may sound tough to some and even heavy to read, but it’s a hard fact. (Please don’t be offended…) He’ll take better care of this than I can, and I know it.

See, one thing I prayed for specifically, was that she would be safe by nightfall. (Which she is….) Coincidence? Or answered prayers? I’ll pick the later. While I was in prayer, the Lord reminded me of Israel’s first Passover. Much like the instructions given to Moses in Exodus12:12, that he later carried out in Exodus12:21; our prayers become reminders to the Lord. Now, surely we all know that this was for Israel. And, we know that the era in which it happened was far different from today. What with all the wonders of His creation regarding medicine, we are blessed. BUT! “What if?!” Me? I’ll take my FIRST stab at this sort of thing with some “hyssop and blood” (prayers of the faithful…).

Well, this is deep enough for now. However; I will say this, not all prayers come out the way we want. Gladly ours did. But, by remembering Matthew 6:10, the sting of how the other ending “might” have been, would have been less severe.

I want you all to know, that your prayers and faith helped bring this about. Our family, near and far thank you. And, the next time you pray, remember that He heard you, and brought about another passover. (So to speak…)